How To Make Your Cpu Hate You

out of interest, is there a software limit on the number of mixer channels you can have?

If you’d fill all these tracks and make an actual song, I’d be fuckin impressed. :P

There wouldn’t be enough room on my hard drive. Anyway, my CPU might blow up, it took a lot just to have all those tracks.

And finally, it makes weird crackling noises when there’s that many tracks. If you think the original Longtrack had microscopic track scopes… :wacko:

No, there is none. But the GUI may start acting funny at some point.

Ui … a hidden gadget? Renoise Secret transformation? :rolleyes:

Epic channel amount COMPO!!!

I noticed that when I add a huge amount of tracks, then when I make a sound I get crackling noises in addition to the sound itself.

Start with 256 channels.

Fill all those tracks with a bassdrum for the most hardcore song ever.

And here’s where I take it to the next level.!v=EO9u85vUBpA

y u do that???

That, not nice, computer, not happy.


that’s just crazy :P

I tried to make a track at 999bpm and 256lpb but Renoise just crashes after a while :(

funny, this thread inspired me to do exactly that a couple of days ago. you can just watch the CPU move up up up and away :)

funny. its summer and the people get bored…

iirc mr. strain once did an ascii movie in a beatbattle. maybe you could try to paint something in the scopes via waveforms and impulses …

Could you give us a few more info on this in “Help, Support & Bugs” please. CPU overload’s are expected, but crashes never?