How To Manage Xrni & Xrnt Files?

Hi, I haven’t really done any XRNIs in the couple of years I’ve been using Renoise, and I was just wondering, how would I keep XRNI and XRNT files in the best of orders? Would it make sense to save file000.xrni and then file000.xrnt in the same folder, or? I often get confused with these kinds of things, especially with Logic’s EXS24 “Sampler Instrument” (.exs) file location as compared to .exs- called .WAV file location, and since I’ve never grokked it in Live either, I’d like to get it right in Renoise.

You could create a specific folder and simply copy both files into that folder, then you can name the instrument and effect chain as you please and perhaps use the effect chain with other instruments as well.
At least you don’t need to figure out what the hell file000xrnt was again.