How to map controller knob to note transposition?

I have a MIDI controller with assignable “endless” knobs that I’d like to assign to some of the basic Renoise features. Ideally I’d like to have one knob that transposes the selected note up or down, one that adjusts its volume, one for pan, etc.

Is this functionality builtin to Renoise? I don’t see it in the MIDI Mapping section. Is it something that needs to be scripted?

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you can map macros to modulation parameters in the instrument modulation section (pitch, volume, pan, etc) then map those to midi controllers. there is a lot of flexibility in this regard. Just assign the macro first, then midi map that and you should be golden

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Does this mean you have to add the instrument macros effect to each track before you can control it in this way, and that you’re limited to the eight macros it provides?

correct. but you only need to add the instrument macros device to track fx if you want to record the automation. If you just want access to the parameters for live tweaks you can make do with the midi mapping to macros within the instrument itself

Ah. Ok I’m talking about creating a mapping where a given controller knob automatically controls (for example) transposition for the selected note, without additional setup each time you start a project. Sounds like maybe that would require special scripting.

You might check out @Raul 's tool New Tool (3.3.2) MIDI Universal Controller (+ Wave Builder) v2.1 build 344 (November 2021)
I haven’t fuxxed with it much, but I think it can do this?

Oh thanks, this looks like what I’m after. Will try it out.