How to merge intruments to create a new sample?

How to merge instruments to create a new sample? The best thing would be to create chorded samples made of the same instrument, different notes. Is it possible?

You can create your own chords with the phrase editor. Then mark a range in the pattern editor (for several tracks mark them all), right click and choose “Render to Sample”. This will render the whole marked part to a single sample inside a new created instrument.

Thank you. But I’m still a beginner with Renoise. I opened phrase editor and selected phrases. It opens a pattern, I tried to insert a note in tracks 1,2,3 and form a simple chord. Then: right click to phrase, and select all. And then? Where is “render to sample” option?

Render to sample is only available in the pattern editor, not phrases, I believe. Just do what you did in the pattern editor and you should be golden. Or, use the phrase you just created as a c4 note in the pattern editor and render that. Be sure to select as much tail after the note event as you need

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You wrote two ways to do it: 1. I tried doing all things in pattern editor, selected render to sample. It’s disabled in Renoise demo version. 2. I came back to sample editor, with the phrase I created, But I don’t know how to use it (as one note) in the pattern editor. Should I save it in some way? ps I think I will buy soon Renoise full version

For 2, just input a c4 note and it should trigger the phrase, unless you intentionally set it up to work differently with phrase key mapping… Which I’m guessing you didn’t :upside_down_face:

Ya, renoise is a great value. Def get a license if it’s in the budget!

If I enter a note in the pattern editor, it’s a note played with that intrument I used to create a chord. How can I enter the note with all the phrase? Maybe it’s easier to buy Renoise and render sample from pattern editor.

not sure what you’re doing/not doing. phrases are linked to the instrument, and note events in the pattern editor trigger the selected phrase, at least by default. there are ways to set it up to behave differently, but when you play a note on an instrument with a phrase selected, it should play the phrase

You’re right! Thank you! With selected phrase, note on the pattern editor sounds like the chord I created. Then, I tried saving the instrument, I deleted the phrase from the sample editor, then I selected new song, and I tried loading the instrument I saved. It’s a chord, now! Great! And now I’m asking to myself: everything is ok without the “render to sample” option? But in any case I will buy the full version of Renoise, I like it very much