How To Middle-Click On A Mac?

I’m used to middle-clicking on a waveform to hear certain parts of a sample, using the windows and linux versions of Renoise, but with my Mac I have the standard two-button mouse I purchased it with. Is there any other way of doing this on a Mac?

I can’t find the answer in any of the documentation.

Thanks in advance for any help or pointers :)

maybe there is a freeware to simulate it with a keypress? or even a mouse config setting? I don’t have a mac, but I would bet there is something like this… I’d google for “middle-click mac” and dig from there.

Does your two button mouse have a scroll wheel? If so, click it. It’s a button.

Otherwise, Apple -> System Preferences -> Mouse; mess around in there.

Dunno about Macs but on my Windows laptop, with only two button, pressing them both at the same time is the same as the third click/middle button. Can be quite hard to get used to doing though and I generally find other ways of doing things if I can…

It has one big button really, and no wheel, but it supports multi touch gestures. Pressing on the right side produces a right click, and touchpad style swiping in any direction replaces a scroll wheel. But, as there’s no third button, I thought maybe the Renoise devs had included an alternative way of doing the “play from here” thing for Mac users.

If there’s really no way of doing it, then I guess I’ll look into some third party software.

As it is multi touch I assume you’ve tried clicking with both fingers at once and it didn’t work, right?

Buy a new mouse? Mac’s work with any mouse.

only mouse I ever buy.

If you have a magic mouse like me, you can use MagicPrefs (free) to configure a third button gesture - mine is having three fingers on the surface whilst clicking. If you don’t have a magic mouse and are thinking of getting one, don’t bother if you want to use it with renoise. It is a pain in the ass. You end up scrolling all over the place by accident all the time, and when you do want to scroll, it’s far to quick to be useful (in an all or nothing sort of way). This is with scroll speed set to minimum.
I also found that within the first week of using the mouse, i ended up with a sore patch on my hand where it was rubbing on my desk.
It’s nice to have, but there are more useable mice.

I’ve actually just discovered MagicPrefs and I came back here to report it works :)

I know what you mean about the accidental scrolling, it is definitely a pain. And yes, I have the same problem with my wrist rubbing - and before I got a mousemat, the underside of the mouse wore away the surface of my desk. But, it is really useful for working with graphics, where scrolling in any direction is an advantage.