How to midi-map samples

I have ohm64 midi controller. I want to assign specific sample within an instrument to specific button(pad) on a ohm64’s grid. Let’s say i have a bunch of instruments(which contain sampled loop or two). I’d like to be able to map those loops from different instruments to the grid. Can i do that? Currently the grid plays only one selected instrument across octave range

Try manipulating this section:
First make sure that each instrument has a specific note assigned to each of the samples you want to play (Keyzones).

Each pad of your MIDI device should be able to shoot a specific note (check the device software, you can surely reassign notes). Through the image panel, you should be able to route several instruments to control them from the same MIDI controller and the same channel (or several). This in Renoise is a bit laborious to configure, because there is no global manager of all instruments (you have to do it one by one).

There are LUA tools that allow these things. But the tools also need prior learning. Examples, the Chord Builder of the Piano Roll Editor tool, the KangarooX120 tool.

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