How To : Move A Selection Across Within 2 Patterns?

I know it’s not very clear so I will tell what problem I’m having.

I have a selection in a track pattern that has a length of roughly 2 bar and a half. I want to move the start of this pattern somewhere at the end of the previous pattern. However, the length of my selection is such that a part will overlap with the next pattern . However, Renois won’t move that part to the start of this pattern ie the part will stay at the initial position before cut paste operation.
What should I do to correctly cut/paste my selection so I find it across the 2 patterns?

select pattern data, ctrl+c to copy or ctrl+x to cut it, go the previous pattern and paste selection, note that it only pastes til the end of the pattern, and residue data won’t automatically shift over borders. You’ll have to figger out the position in the copied/cut selection that needs to be pasted from the start of the pattern. You could paste the complete selection again from the pattern start, and press backspace until the selection matches with the prior pattern part.

You could also join the two patterns (bring focus to the sequence list, select patterns press ctrl+j or select join in right mouse click menu), then move around selections in the pattern. Leave it like that, or split the patterns after re-arranging.