How To Move Patterns?

I’m progressing pretty well on my first Renoise track and have built up a big handfull of patterns that I would now like to try out in different sequences as I finalize everything.

I’ve read thru the manual and the forums and it seems that I can’t just pick a pattern and move it up or down in the sequence? So I need to clone a pattern at the new location and copy/paste into it.

Is this correct? (… and is this what all the talk about an “arranger” is about?)



As you may be aware, holding CTRL and pressing the arrow keys up or down lets you go back and forth between song positions and their corresponding patterns (this is not the only way of course, but I find it the fastest way). Holding CTRL and pressing left or right arrow key will step through the patterns associated with the current song position.

So, if I’ve understood you correctly, all you need to do to switch two patterns is to go to the first song position and step through the patterns until you reach the one you want at that position. Then do the same thing for the second pattern and you’ve effectively switched place on them.

Remember: one pattern can be played through several song positions.

I hope I read your question correctly and that the answer helps you :)

No, you can drag and drop patterns. It’s a finicky 2 step process, but easy, just practice a bit.

  1. Select, it turns gray on the default theme.
  2. Select again, this time keep holding the mouse, drag, drop.

To recap for other newbies who may be reading this thread…

On the left side there’s a column with numbers



  • You can grab the border, drag it to the right, give names to patterns.
  • You can drag these up and down, ctrl/shift click to grab more than one, this affects the sequence.
  • You can click the arrow keys (in said column) to change the value of the numbers.
  • You can right click and get more options.

This is how you sequence patterns into full songs. Topmost pattern is first, bottom pattern is last.

The arranger will be much more than this, but one of the things it will be is an improved interface to what is currently there. Nothing is stopping you from moving/re-arranging/doing whatever patterns now.

EDIT: Good times. :)

Thanks guys!
Careful application of both these methods will get me just what I wanted.

I <3 this forum!