How To Mute A Midi-Input?

Hi. I input notes from an Akai MiniMPK, the PC Keyboard and an additional synthesizer keyboard (with Local mode ON). Was just wondering, how would I be able to use the midikeyboard so that it would only output to Renoise when I want it to output (I will have edit_mode on for pckeyboard and for the minimpk, but would like to toggle the synth’s midi input to Renoise’s patterns on/off)

Turn it off in Preferences?

One that does not require changing the preferences. It should be on when it needs to be on, and off when it needs to be off (most of the time).
I suppose I could go shopping for a midi-cable with a switch in it or something, but that’s again something that doesn’t feel like an actual solution.

Can the synth not turn off MIDI Out?

No. I could physically yank the midicable out when I don’t want it to record, but feels a bit silly, don’t you think?

You perhaps can also change the midi channel, but the point is that you either need to deselect the midi device in the preferences or select a specific midi in device for each instrument in the instrument list in the Midi in area of the instrument, this also locks out the master device.
If your midi device is not capable of switching input and output channels but are either forced to use it for in and output alltogether, then you will always have these issues, no matter which host you use.

Yeah, it’s a fairly old synth, doesn’t allow for switching midi-out-channel :)
I’ll try and think about this a bit, since it would be nice to play in some stuff but also be able to safely jam other stuff without it being written in…
maybe scripting could be used to disable/re-enable one of the 4 midi input devices in Prefs->Midi?