How to mute channels in the pattern editor?


how can I mute channels in song editing? when I got an Sample I will play that and I want to mute the channel after Playing. How can I save this in the pattern editor?



Dunno if get what you are asking exactly, but you can ‘mute’, silence the audio of a channel/track in multiple ways. For example by drawing a volume envelope in the automation editor, here’s a tutorial on automating;

…or through using the volume column in the pattern editor simply inserting a value of 0…or maybe a note off to cut off a playing sound.

What do you mean with:

I want to mute the channel after Playing


Hm… I got a sample in the Track at the start of the pattern and want to mute it at the pattern end. Inserting an zero at the pattern end don’t function.

Can you post the song file?

How many succeeding patterns do you have in sequence? Just one that is looped? Are there repeating patterns with the same sample, if so, why not delete the note-events in the succeeding patterns?

If you’re just looping one pattern, a 0 or note-off at the end indeed won’t mute the track when it is re-triggered from the start.

I’ve attached an example file here;

7035 volume muting example.xrns

Thanx a lot. That was exactly what I mean. Thanx for the example file. :slight_smile:

I really wanna show you my file. But how to upload it here in the forum?

press more reply options, at the bottom of the posting window click on ‘choose file’ then press ‘Attach This File’. I think it needs to be under 2 mb though, and you might not be able because of your post count?

here…the .xrns is too big

Think I forgot a step, you need to add the attached file to the post.

So, with the help of my example file can you work out how to mute parts in your own song file? I can’t help with a mp3.

Anyway, if you haven’t already, check out the tutorial video’s;

ok. Sorry the xrns songfile has 3,6 Mb and is too big to post, while only 2 MB upload are allowed.

yes, your example file helped me. Inserting zeros after a note mutes it.