How to mute or fade out delay within a track (i.e. column)?

Is this even possible? For example, I’m using Valhalla delay (so an effects VST) in a column that will have multiple samples in it throughout a song, with each sample within the column needing its own unique amount of delay, relative to the other samples in the same column. Thanks

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Each line has a duration, depending on the playback speed of your song (BPM and LPB). Then, for each note it is possible to use the delay sub-column (activate lower switch “DLY” inside the pattern editor). The delay parameter for each note has a range of 1 to 255 values (01 to FF in hexadecimal). That is, you can divide the line into up to 255 trigger points. This is also valid for the note-Off (for native samples, for VSTi plugins, for the note that invoke a phrase…, definitelly, all the notes).

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There are multiple options. You could…

  • …add the FX to a send channel, add a send device to your track and automate the send amount.
  • …add the FX directly to your track and automate the decay/release or similar of the FX
  • …add the FX and a gain device to your track and automate the gain of the gain device

Automation could be done via automation lanes or in the pattern matrix (Expand the device for the FX, there is a little arrow button on the upper left of the device. Right click the parameter to add its current value to the pattern matrix, it will be inserted on the cursor position.)

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