How To Mute Tracks That Use A Send Device ?


how to mute tracks that use a send device ? if you can’t then please move this to the suggestion section ?

By automation it should be a simple task to either drop the channel’s master volume to -INF dB. If you want a gater-type effect you can put a gainer as the first effect in the chain, drop the gain to -INF dB and use pattern commands to toggle the effect on and off (1F01 / 1F00)

Actually accessing the mute button is as far as I know not possible today.

To mute a track that uses send device I press the Mute button and the channel is quiet. Doesn’t this work or did I misunderstand something?

yeah that’s what i’m talking about, it’s kinda frustrating you can’t do that during mixing/balancing drums parts for example. or when you got a bunch of synths routed into one synth bus and you want to mute a few to hear how it sounds without them… etc.

i know using the gain is a workaround but it’s not so handy. (at all)


well i suppose i could set the gains to inf. and then simply en/disable them… but still… am i just lazy ? :D

yes that’s right but than you would still hear it in the send bus. so it’s not really muted

so what i’m trying to say here, could we have a more ‘universal’ mute button in the mixer ?
assuming i’m not the only one who want this ? :rolleyes:

Just click on the input channel at the Track Scopes. :)
I really don’t see the problem…

heee ernemher… :) did we met before ? haha… ok seriously…

i’m really trying to understand what you mean… i dont see input channels in the track scopes ? well it’s kinda late, i better check tomorrow with a fresh head.

Hey! :D
Zou goed kunnen. ;)

What I mean is the Track where your synth’s audio is coming from (usually “Track 1”, “Track 2”, etcetera). If you click on the specific Track Scope it will mute the audio of that track (even if there is a Send Device in your DSP chain).

You can’t. I reported this problem too…currently, you have to mute the send channel itself
I think it changed with the release of 1.8 or 1.9?

Anyways, 7kilo - we both want this to change!

Correct answer to your question:
There is an option in the “Misc.” preferences to “Mute” a track or to turn it “off” completely.

Default Trackmute mode

  • Mute - Track is played, but will not be heard.
  • Off - Track will not be played.

If you set it to “off”, none of the plugins nor instruments will be triggered.
This is what you need. (also this saves a lot more CPU power than mute mode)

If you desire mute mode, then the only option is to toggle on/off the send-device (either by hand or by pattern command. (yes this should be possible)
) along by setting the track volume to -INF (either by using the gate-trick using the gainer as described earlier by Teknocide or otherwise),

alright now it all makes sense again !! thanks all for replying.

haha vV you just made my day :)

We’ll change this again to the old behavior in the next release: muting a channel which feeds a send will not feed its sends when muted…

wOOt! That’s great news!!!