How To Obtain The Same Level Volume For 10 Different Tracks Made With

Hello :)

I made 10 tracks with renoise 2.5, and saved in .wav format.

When I listen to these tracks, I hear some are louder than others, due to the fact I mixed the tracks using different effects, etc …

And I would like to burn the 10 tracks on a cd, but only once they have the same volume.

How to put all my tracks at the same volume, without a loss of quality ?
Is there a software to do this ?

Thank you for your help :)

I believe someone once mentioned mediamonkey

thats what mastering is for.

i would use something like reaper, load all the tracks, adjust the volumes, eq them to make them coherent together and sound like parts of a whole project rather than different songs,… and then reaper will create an image and even burn it for you.

Thank you vV, thank you trunk :)

If you’re releasing via mp3, check out mp3gain… it’s got excellent psychoacoustic gain adjustment. It might do .wav as well, I’m not sure though

yes its called mastering, an essential part of making music
theres tons of apps to do this

Like the others says are a fast solution to this (mediamonkey, mp3gain) & the right solution. Mastering is the final step in making songs or an album.