How To Open Vst's In Renoise

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new to Renoise. I’ve downloaded some VST’s and can’t seem to get them to open! I’ve gone into preferences/plugins/misc. Under VST Plugins it gives me a path: library/audio/plugin/VST, which is where I’ve saved my VST’s. I can browse, and they’re all right there. It keeps telling me I have 0 VST effects and instruments. Help! What am I missing!

Thank you, experienced ones.

make sure in the Renoise preferences the VST/AU path is ticked and set properly.

One thing that comes to mind is making sure you’ve saved them in the root library (as that path suggests) and not the user library. Or if you prefer to have them in your user library, fix the path accordingly. (I think add users/ in front of the path…?) You’ve probably already clicked the rescan button also.

Thanks for your responses, but I’ve checked both those things! I really can’t see what the problem is here.

You’re not trying to use Windows VST plug-ins on your Mac, are you?

Sorry if this is stating the obvious, but it’s a common mistake made by newcomers, so I thought I’d mention it just in case.

Is this Windows, Mac, or Linux?

If it’s Mac, make sure you didn’t download old PPC plugins that no longer work with newer Macintoshes. These only work on G4/G5 machines which are no longer being manufactured by Apple. Free PPC plugins are all over the web, haven’t been updated in years, and simply do not work with new Macs.

Try TAL-Dub, this should work, and get back to us with the results.