How to "Pattern Follow" while in Phrase Editor?

If I’m in the Phrase Editor, how do I start following the Pattern playback? - is there something like Pattern Follow for Phrase Editor?

No, not currently.

We’ve been considering how it could be done. The challenge is that a phrase can be played in multiple positions at the same time (polyphonic)

So for “playback” it’s tricky. But I agree that it would be a great feature while programming a beat etc.

You can still hit Shift+Return to play from the selected line though.

Can this please be implemented? We can’t be the only ones who want to record our pattern notes live. Without it the Phrqse editor is rather pointless and Redux is useless for me personally. I was hopingto get some mileage out of it as I’m tired of doing the 2 daws with rewire setup. Triggering patterns a little like Ableton sounds fun but this is not a good way to add Renoise to a daw. Everything is slower to create and it comes off ss rather robotic. Please add pattern follow. It will make a hige difference to the practical use of Redux. Thank you.