How to play but not record an instrument while other tracks are edited?

I’m doing some sequencing of Renoise instruments using Puredata.

I trigger instruments via OSC or MIDI. This is synchronised via the midi clock.

I’d like to be able to jam on or otherwise edit a track in Renoise whilst this sequencer is running and not record the notes into the pattern.

Is it possible to set a particular instrument or track to not record whilst others do?

Or is this possible via some other method?

Maybe: If you want a track to ignore midi messages, tell it to listen only on channel 2, and have your pd code send on channel 1 (or 3, 4, etc). The tracks that should record can be assigned whatever channels are in use by pd.

Thanks, Brit. Sadly doesn’t work though.

I want to play two sequences at once but only record one. The second you press escape all of the input starts to get captured.

Have you assigned different MIDI channels to each track? And make sure that nothing is sent on the channel to the track you want unchanged?

I want to play along to an generative and evolving pattern - sent to the channel I don’t want to record on yet.

I guess the best thing to do is record a section of it, put in the drum/whatever pattern and then enable and go back to tweaking the generative patch again afterwards…

I still love to flag these instruments as not to record though!

Thanks for helping me think this through!

I want to believe this is do-able : ) Maybe I’ll play around to see how it might be done. Give me an excuse to go back to pd.

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have fun man! thanks.

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