How To Preserve Overdrive?

Good evening fellow renoisers.

By accident I created an overdrive-sound I really like. The problem is, it is way too loud! (As is the whole mix, but I hope to fix this… )

I do not know how to limit the loudness and preserve the nice overdrive. It always gets lost.

If you take a look at the FILE, “Mr. Hammond” is the track I am talking about. Feel free to play around with Cutoff and Resonance in Filter 3 (1) of its device chain, you will get the overdrive then.

Thank you in advance for your help,


Can’t look at the file, no renoise on this computer (it’s shitty).

Have you tried using a limiter? It won’t change any of the characteristics of the overdrive, just bring the volume down. Unless you’re liking the clipping that’s going along with the overdrive, in that case render to sample with the clipping and lower the volume a little (thus keeping the clipping). Hope that helped.

The ‘overdrive’ effect is happening simply because you are clipping the track. In other words, it is SO loud that it exceeds the loudest possible level that the soundcard can render (0dB), and is being digitally ‘hard’ clipped at this point. So whenever you try to reduce the volume of the track or lower it with a gainer device, etc., you are actually ‘fixing’ the clipping and stopping it from happening as much, so the distorted sound you like is not there anymore.

So, what can you do to keep the hard distorted sound at a normal volume? You can use one of countless clipping VST plug-ins which offer the hard clipping mode.

Here’s one that works nicely:

Add the VST to your Mr. Hammond track, then gradually lower the “Clip” parameter. You will begin to get almost exactly the same sound you like, while still being able to lower the track volume and actually do something useful with it :)

Ok, thank you very much, now I understand what’s happening here.
I was hoping to do this with internal effects only, so I will first give meow’s advice a chance. If I do not like the outcome, I’ll try some vst.

This forum is why I like renoise so much :yeah:


Distortion2s razor mode does nothing more than gaining & clipping. If you set the dist amount to 0 it will simply cut everything above/around -6db.

This works just fine, thank you!