How To Process The Amen

Hi i have just started useing renoise. i am very much into jungle and breakcore music. i have therefor been mangeling alot with the migthy Amen break. but i just can’t get it to work proberly. how do i get it in tune? by tune i mean (higher pitch) what i do is that i take the Amen break, slice it up and then i sync every sliced parts. but when i look at the demo songs where the amen are sliced in parts , it seems like the arent in sync. still it sounds very tight an they are at a way higher pitch then original.

do you guys procees it in another sample editor like zero-x or cubase sx or whatever… by process i mean pitch it and quantize it?

please help me :ph34r:

I suggest you start by syncing it to the tempo of your tune…

you can do that by going in “intrument settings” then, in the middle box, labelled sample properties, there’s the “sync” feature…

this will synchronise the amen to your current tempo, telling it to sync every XX lines… since you are making jungle/breakcore, it will probably be played faster because I your bpm is going to be fast…

and as you probably know, the faster a sample is played, the higher the pitch is!

if you don’t want to use the sync fonction, you can always use a different note… C-5 would be twice as fast as C-4… and C-3 twice as slow.

I hope this helped you.

Something I wrote a few years back:

But the easiest way to learn is to download tracks and look at them:

I have a technically weak “amen” track going on in BB5, but it’s all jungle and pulls off what it’s going for with minimal tracker ninja action. [bb5]Conner_Bw - Youtube Beatslicer Tutorial Remix.xrns

Also check [bb5]Jubal - Plas.xrns for breakbeat weirdness and anything you can get your hands on by BOTB for the local resident XRNS sharing breakcore prodigy, his track in BB5 is [bb5]Benefit of the Boomerang - Syntherzuiper.xrns

Good times.

cheers guys and thanks for the quick reply. please don’t stop adding replies for my topic.
i have been working in cubase sx 3 for a long time. and i have never tried getting sow advanced help in the cubase community. sow cheers=)

the thing is just that i cant randomise the parts thay sound very untight. i then try to make it more tight whit the speed and bpm but still it sounds very untight :blink:

i very rarely use the sync thing at all.

instead make sure that your sample loops perfectly on its own and try and trim it so that the hits occur at 910.920,930,etc…

it makes thing alot easier when it comes to programming time and it normally keeps the flow of the break intact too.

oh and incase you havent, check this thread out:

yes, of course he should do that if he doesn’t want his amen to always sound the same… like a boring loop…

however, he did mention that he wanted his amen to sound high pitched… that’s why he should use either the sync or a note higher than C-4

to malle: I suggest you do like sknk said and use the 09XX cmd… your amen will sound amazing with that.

how can i get my hands on these xrns files that conner bw speaks of ? cheers Jk

yeah what JBL said i forgot to mention,… :P

i normally use notes higher than C-4 for the pitching.

You could also pitch it up a bit, and then cut it up into individual hits, if you want to go crazy and write totally different beats. I usually cut it up into individual hits, because I find that doing so makes it more flexible, you can change instrument envelopes for each hit, set loop points etc. Also, its much faster to write the beat, since you don’t have to keep moving to the effect column and typing ‘9’ and the offset.

This doesn’t mean that 09xx is bad. Its just that I personally like using a different method, but, I might, in the future, find myself using 09xx. Somebody else might like the 09xx effect and hate cutting up into individual hits. Its all up to you. Keep experimenting and writing beats, until you find what suits you best.

Yeah nikki’s way is really great. I’ve been doing that over the 09XX as well because with this method you can “play” the drum like you want it… it’s great to give you ideas… while with the 09XX, you gotta think of what sound you want…

just take the amen, pitch it up, select a sound in it, copy, paste it in a new sample in the same instrument… once you have all your sounds, go in instrument editor and simply click the “generate drumkit” button…


The history behind the Amen Break

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