How to program shuffle Percs?

I am going mad with shuffle hi hats and perc in jungle music. (E.g. in the think break or the amen break) Do you know some recipes to do the shuffle style?

Thanks in advance

When chopping your break, just add a slice that has a hi hat followed by a ghost snare.

This video shows how


Thank you very much.

So a ghost snare is a of the grid and volume down snare?

Since I prefer to use drum machines instead of breakbeat samples, I usually do that manually by simply adding a snare with lower velocity and sometimes shorter decay (0CXX command instead of NOTE OFF).

Some drum machines also have rimshots so I use them instead as “ghost snares”.


C-4 80 - - - - -
- - - - - - - - -
D-4 40 - - - - -
- - - - - - 0C18
D-4 80 - - - - -

C would be a hi-hat and D a snare.

You can also humanize (Ctrl+H) the velocity and delay columns to give it some slight swing (does wonders).

If you’re sampling a breakbeat, though, using a slice with hi hat + ghost snare is probably the most effective way to do it (like @IsItWashable said above).


Book recommendation time. This helped me a lot understand how “ghost snares” work.


I checked today the offset feature and the put some shuffle. As a white belted novice I am f@@@in impressed and lost my tongue. This is awesome!