How To Quickly Expand Patterns

I’ve got the basic hang of the sequencer but some of the pattern workflow seems tedious and I’m guessing there’s a more efficient way to do what I’m doing. This is how I work right now:

  1. work out a 16-step pattern that I like
  2. manually extend the pattern length to 32 steps
  3. select everything with the mouse and hit copy
  4. scroll over to the top left of the empty second half of the pattern
  5. hit paste

I do this again to expand out to 64 steps. Is there a better way to double a pattern? Or at least something with less mousing?

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Expand the pattern using the Advanced Edit functions.

I think I chose the word “expand” poorly in this case, since it has specific meaning in renoise.

What I’m looking for is the fastest way to double a 16-step pattern into a 32-step pattern containing two identical copies of the original 16-step pattern.

Thanks for glitch, by the way. Very cool plugin.

Ah sorry, I don’t know of a good method for this, other than manual copy/paste.

Thanks :)

I’ve at least figured out a slightly less painful way of doing this:

  1. start with a 64-step pattern with pattern loop at 16
  2. work out a good 16-step pattern
  3. hit f10 to go to step 16
  4. hit option-s (on the mac) to select everything above that point
  5. copy & paste to dupe out to 32-steps
  6. adjust pattern loop to 32

Not too bad.

This is actually something I’ve wanted in pattern-oriented sequencers for a long time. Don’t we all work this way? Work out a good 16- or 32-step pattern and then expand it out to double length and add variations? It would be great to have this as a single keycommand in any sequencer.

I’m liking renoise a lot so far. I’ve never worked with a tracker before but I’m already coming up with things that probably wouldn’t have occurred to me in a piano roll. Interesting how much you can do with a single sample.

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Do you come from fruityloops or something that you start out with a 16 step bar?

Most of the times I start with a 64 step pattern that I end up expanding to 128 or 256 on higher bpm and lower speed settings. It’s a matter of familiarisation I think.

Using the f9 - f12 and the ‘home’ and ‘end’ keys are a good way to quickly jump through the patterns for editing / copy c & v.

You can also copy the 16 step pattern with mouse selection & ctrl + c and then press ctrl + p to continuously paste through the pattern.

so you speak of a pattern, right?

  1. ctrl + a
  2. click expand
  3. double the patternlength

maybe i get you wrong but thats it. at least for me.

EDIT: ah, i think i got it now. you dont want to “expand”, just a double of a pattern.

  • ctrl + a
  • ctrl + c
  • end
  • ctrl + shift + pos1
  • ctrl + v

Engine, think you got him wrong :) I think he means a 16 step bar in a 64 step pattern, or he must have defaulted his song to patterns of 16 step length. Which wouldn’t make much sense to me…but
If so, your solution still wouldn’t give the results he needs:

“double a 16-step pattern into a 32-step pattern containing two identical copies of the original 16-step pattern

Ctrl + a Expanding would expand only 1 copy of the selected data. (And this can be made easier aswell by using ‘whole pattern’ instead of ‘selection in pattern’ in the advanced edit tab, then expand automatically doubles the patternlength for you). The meaning and use of the word pattern is confusing in this thread lol

edit: didn’t see your edit :)

control-p fills the pattern with the content of the copybuffer.

means : press home to go to the first line, press ctrl-a for your 16 steps, ctrl-c, expand your pattern to whatever length you want and press ctrl-p.

Thanks a lot. Guess i should take a look at the manual again, maybe more tips like this is hiding from me.

I’m now getting the chills. Did a shortcut like this exsist in the old Amiga days?? Sort of hope not :rolleyes:

So that’s what “paste continuously” does. Perfect. Thanks.

as you mentioned correctly, “fills the pattern” is not fully right, it pastes the buffer continiously downwards from the line you are at.

Didn’t Impulse Tracker have shortcut like Ctrl-B, Ctrl-W to select a block in a track and then to select a block of the whole pattern respectively?

In many ways I find ReNoise to be of sufficient technical quality (kicking ass),
but focus might be put into refining it’s usability (e.g more actions accessible via shortcuts).

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Another way I discovered to do this: use the pattern sequencer.

Just copy pattern ctrl+d, then join, ctrl+j. You wind up with an extra patten this way but you can jump back to the original and paste over it if you want.

Ctrl-A (Select all)
Ctrl-X (Cut)
Expand (Fast way to double pattern length)
Ctrl-P (Continuous paste)

Make sure your cursor is in top left corner.

Expand doesn’t change the length of the pattern though, right?

It does if the AE first field is set to “Whole Pattern”

Ah. Nice one. Thanks!

renoise requires a tool to be made to do this macro task. select all copy etc . length number , paste consec…

to make a pattern longer , why it does not exist as a menu command and shortcuts by now is pretty crazy.

I like to program 8 step patterns , then make them longer after that. its way too long winded for such a simple thing todo.

No repeats without gui mousing and no block list chain editor to type in repeats amount in either . seems odd for very little coding to make any of that happen.

A simple tool to reduce and extend aka double or 2x 4x 8x for patterns , or all patterns would do it. aka not half timing the notes .

and a simple block list chain editor aka song mode overlord. or octamed song mode block list . or copy octatracks arranger etc to control the pattern arranger of renoise.

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There is a tool which autoexpands all patterns and also auto converts all commands and values accordingly made by mogue. Unfortunately you can’t finetune the scope, it is always everything. Search the forum for lpbtool made by mogue.