How to record a song with three windows of Renoise open


How can I do to record the audio that comes from Renoise like a live track?. In my case there are three windows of the program open.

Thanks in advance.

In Linux I would use Jack and route the outputs to the input of another DAW or just audacity.

Thanks for answer lilith.

I have a Mac OSX, How should I do to record using the Audacity of other audio editor software?

Maybe this helps

In the link appears that warning:

It has the disadvantage that the audio signal is converted from digital to analog, then from analog to digital, instead of staying in the digital domain. This may result in some slight increase in noise and distortion.

Is there any other way?.


I have a Scarlett Solo audio interface and a mixer ZED-14.

you basically need JACK connection kit and daw that supports it ( i use ardour/mixbus to record to )

jack can host any asio app using “JackRouter ASIO driver”

tested on windows letme know if it works on osx

Thanks to all.

I think lilith gave me the answer in the attached document:

“Using a cable with a stereo mini-plug (1/8”) at each end, connect the headphone output port to the line input port." In my case the input of the interface.

I am going to try JACK and tell.

There is a new driver on github exactly for this purpose:

Seems to be much more lightweight than jack OSX, it simply is a driver in /Lib/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL, so exactly adapting to the OS structure.

Hey ffx!, Many thanks!. I will try asap.

I’m shocked that this is not easily possible in macOS. I thought it’s so perfect for audio.

Well, at least it has a built-in virtual midi driver and you can create aggregate audio devices into a macro device. Old OSX had a lot of love for MIDI, it seems.

Definitely BlackHole is the tool to do that.

Renoise IN > interface - OUT > BlackHole

Audacity IN > BlackHole - OUT > inteface

And it records without loosing quality.

I tried that EatMe and not works, :-(, in Audacity.