How to record audio?

Hey guys!
I’ve been a cubase user for quite a time, and I started using renoise recently. So far, I’m loving the way it sounds and how it’s easy to understand, but I miss the efficiency of cubase’s cycle recording for acoustic instruments, the punch in and punch and possibility to record various takes in a loop is just awesome.
I found just the record button on the sample editor, is there a more efficient way to record instruments? Or should I just record in cubase, then place the audio files in renoise?

Thank you, Noddah

No audio tracks in Renoise just yet. What I usually do is set the loop I want to do takes on in the pattern matrix, and then play however many takes I need to get it right, then trim down to the one I need. Setting the option to sync with the pattern makes this easier because it makes it line up with “beats” view in the sample editor. This works ok but I think most would agree it’s not as good as how other DAW’s like Cubase do it. I recommend trying out Rewire if you still have access to Cubase, or if you have access to Reaper.

To me this method actually works better than other daws, easier to edit and easier to get a tight recording. :)

^Yeah it’s not so bad. The 2 main things I dislike about it are 1. it’s not the best system for saving a set of continuous takes. You’ll need to choose one you like and trim it out, or copy it into a new sample so you can save the original big string of takes and 2. you have to do your editing without being able to see how it lines up with other instruments.

At least I can hear my project why I record, right? But can I at least set a recording precount or do I have to wait until the loop loop so I can begin the takes?
But in every method I’ll have to end up trimming the part I want, right?
(there isn’t any plugin that can help me recording, or does it? Or maybe it’s just me that isn’t sufficiently used to renoise’s recording)

You can sync it to the pattern so that when you press start it will start on the next pattern in sequence, you can of course also make a temporary pattern with a countdown in front of the pattern where you want to start recording.
You don’t need to trim anything if you get it right at first take.

I see, it’s a unusual method comparing to other DAWs. I hope I don’t take long to get used to it.
Thank you guys!