How To Record Cutoff (for Example) Live, Using Knobs From A Vsti ?

Hello :)

For example, I create a melody in a track. Then I can press ‘play’ in Renoise
and listen to it.

But then I want to record ‘over’ the track, a cutoff (for example), by moving
live the cutoff knob from the vsti that plays the melody.

So, I clik ‘record’ and i move my cutoff knob live, and i can hear the effect,
but nothing is recorded over the melody in my track.

Could you explain me how to do ?

Thank you :)

Play the track and use right-mouse button to record the automation of any slider inside Renoise :)

So it’s not possible in Renoise, to record live a cutoff simply moving the knob of a vsti ??? :(

You can assign cuttoff to a knob of automation device and do as BotB suggested

Yes, but it’s not as precise as when I move the knob ! (all the knobs of my vsti are assigned to my midi keyboard. I can move the knobs of my vsti by moving the knobs of my midi keyboard, and i can hear the result live, so why can’t I record the effect live in the pattern ?? Finally is it possible this way ??) :(

It doesn’t record moving the knob in the vsti gui but you can link the automation device slider to your midi device ( CTRL-M) and it will record the movement.

heyo GUY68,

for me it was difficult to understand why this isnt possible…
[YES with Automation device its possible but he asked for the knobs and sliders in the VSTi GUI]

because Renoise gives you the possibility to ‘write’ up to 16 [0-F] vst parameters
to control in the pattern [effect coloumn]. max. 16 parameter per VSTi, so the user have to define what parameter he wants for automation…

OT: its not possible.

you have to use this automation device due to the fact that theres a limitation (effect command handling).

hope im understandable.

EDIT: well, i should show you where to find this automation device (scroll down)