How to record Macros' midi data in seperate FX Columns?

Is there a way to make Renoise record each Macro into an individual FX Column? Or record the midi straight to the appropriate automation lane?

A bit more in depth:
I have a sample instrument with a couple of macros assigned to it. The Instr. Macros meta device is midi mapped to my hardware controller. So far, so good. But when I record the automation it writes all of the midi data in the same FX Column in the Editor. Which makes it a pain to edit.

I know can record each parameter in a separate FX column if I record them one by one. But that rather ruins the performance aspect of it for me.

I’ve tried @Ledger Automation Single Slider. Which is great but also only gives me a single parameter to work with. But maybe I’m doing it wrong?

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Renoise will accumulate the parameters recorded in the first FX column as much as possible.

But it is possible to create a LUA tool that separates all the parameters in the 8 FX columns of a note track, with a single action. The procedure would be:

  1. You record all the data without stopping.
  2. When done, run the tool, as a single later step.
  3. Ready!

If you want to register in the automation editor, turn on the third bottom switch of the pattern editor.

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Thank you Raul! I’ve seen those little icons at the bottom of the edit page before. But somehow never considered them to be buttons. :grimacing:

I’m sure a LUA sorting tool would work, yes. As I have zero programming experience I am very glad that toggle to record to the automation lane feature exists. :sweat_smile:

Thanks again for your help!

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