How To Record Midi Tracks

I use a lot of external hardware synths using Renoise (by MIDI). How do you convert/record these tracks to audio?

Yes, that’s right. This is also the way I’m handling it at the moment - but it’s not very comfortable - because I have to edit and find the exact starting point after recording so it’s in sync with the other renoise tracks.

I also tried to to sync Soundforge (which I use for recording) and Renoise but it didn’t work?

I hoped that someone knows of a VST where I can select a filename and a Audio Input Channel and as soon as I press play the VST will record it into the file - correctly in sync with my renoise tracks.

Thank you! Of course, all music is written and produced in Renoise! :wink:

Have you tried setting the delay option negative in the MIDI instrument properties?

It’s default is 0ms but you can set it to -50 msecs, it would remove most of the delay if not all.
(depending upon your equipment)

The problem occurs not in Renoise. In Renoise I didn’t have (or at least feel) any latency. Let me explain how I work:

I write my song completly in Renoise. Then I render every track in a seperate file and start to record each midi track to a audio file (I press record in Soundforge, then I press play in Renoise). Now I import all seperated tracks in samplitude to start mixing and mastering (but of course I have to find the right starting point of the midi-recorded audio tracks, so they are in sync with the other tracks).

Some years ago when I worked with logic it was a lot more easier. I just selected bounce track, and Logic starts recording my midi track as audio and inserted it after recording in my arrangement complelty in sync with the rest of my arrangment.