How to record more than one input in the sample recorder

I want to record more than one input as a sample, how do I go about this? Is there some sort of custom routing that needs to be set up before im in Renoise? I am using a MOTU Ultralite MK3 Soundcard.

Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 20.23.48

So far I have managed to record using Analog 3+4 but I cant add numerous Inputs.


use sends devices

Afaik you can’t select +1 options in the recording window, but if your soundcard allows it, has some kind of mixer view, perhaps you can route channels to an option that can be selected?


This is what im thinking, I feel like I came across some kind of mixer window in the past but I haven’t come across it since, I can’t remember if I had some kind of extra software from MOTU but I will look into it further.

I guess my question is kind of specific to my own set up, I would be interested in hearing how other people have acheived this too.


Could you elaborate?

Sorry,I think I was wrong

You can use “line input” devices in serial…on the same track…I think

You can record only mono or stereo signal inside Renoise sampler, so no multitrack recording support so far
But if your goal is to record a mix of your input signals then you can insert as many line input devices as you want (with different inputs) on tracks and record the mix of those inputs with a recorder plugin in the end of your signal path
I prefer MRecorder for that purpose, it’s free and very nice