How To Record Reaktor As A Dsp

Let’s say I load a drumloop into Instrument 01 and type it into Track 01 in the 00 line.

Then, I load up Reaktor 5 as a Track DSP, and load THE FINGER ensemble in the Ext Editor.
Then, I press “play” and use my mouse to mess around with the effects of THE FINGER and its aural joy!
The problem is, these effects do not stay recorded.

Generally, if I want to record an effect “live”, I’d use the right-mouse click and mess with parameter such as “volume” or the filter’s “cutoff” to make neat sounds that record.
This is obviously NOT the case with this particular DSP.

What is the simplest, best way of recording THE FINGER’s effects as I play them?

If I’m correct I think you need to create an instrument alias (where you find all the VSTi’s - the alias will be on top) and then you can just record those notes…

At least that’s how Artillery by Sugar Bytes works.

This helped, but now the sample [even when no effects are passing through] sounds extremely compressed and poppy.
Anyway to bypass that?

I think you need to use the automation device and link it to the nobs in reactor. the right-click record wont work on reactors gui.(I think)

i haven’t used reaktor in quite a while but I think the knobs in reaktor have midi options and what not… maybe right click those knobs and i believe it’s the last tab… that program is insane haha. i love that vst option though.