How to record the modulation wheel on my keyboard? - Making noteslide!

Hello everybody,

I want to make a note slide, for example from note C4 to Note F4…
Is it better to record the modulation wheel (higher resolution?),
or is it the same, when I use the effectscolumn in the note grid to do it manually?

Or is there even a better way to slide notes?

Kind regards

If you’re working with samples inside of Renoise you have the glide sample command (0GXX). And in the sampler, if you set it to mono, you can set it to always glide.

You can manually pitch things up and down with the pitch sample command, of course. (0UXX / 0DXX) The resolution of the effects column depends on your LPB settings.

If you’re working with a vst or hardware synth there is the Instr. Midi Control device, this allows you to draw the mod. wheel’s automation in the track automation editor.

Does this help?


Depends on what you’re using. Samples, VSTs or even hardware.
@eretsua explained some methods, I just miss the easiest method in case of VST usage.

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