How to record with redux

hey, just downloaded redux and now i wanted to record my first sample but i couldn’t figure out how to get the audioinput channel into redux, i use it as instrument plugin in cubase 10. sadly this topic isn’t documented anywhere. Anyone knows how to feed it with the reqired audiosignal.

I found this on an older topic Maybe is the right answer I don’t know I don’t use cubase.

On the top of the REDUX plugin(top right hand side), do you see that sidechain drop down? Assign the right channel input…

yes that was what i was looking for first, but the button for sidechain is not here.

thats all i found in the usermanuals for recording samples " For Redux, this is set up inside the host DAW, so refer to its specific documentation. "
the thing is there is no sidechain available, i think cubase supports sidechain only via vst3 plugins, but redux is 2.x. so is there really no way to record samples with redux in cubase? so still slow samplerecording trough the audiotracks with render in place with cubase, which is super lame. also it is not possible to drag a audiofile from the cubase track into redux… i really was hoping to get a solution of fast resampling my hardwaer and directly use it in a sampler…

I’m not familiar with Cubase, but maybe this thread helps (same problem with Reaktor):

See last post with the “surround bus”.

this is an example to use 6 ins and 6 outs when using reaktor as fx plugin. redux only can be used as vsti so there seems to be no way… redux really should be updatet to vst3 so that the sidechain for instruments could be used! or the possibility to load it as a fx, like this it is no problem to get the audio in and also to play the sampler via midi. there are nearly no samplers around with a recording option so that you can resample your hardware in a fast and efficient way, in this pricecategory it would be the only one… hope to get this fixed soon, because it was one of the mainreasons for my purchase.

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This is why I love REDUX because it acts like a sampler that I’m familiar with…

Not like Serato where can’t do that.

BTW, as a RENOISE user, do you use REDUX as a plugin? I feel that searching for my sample libraries are much easier? nahhhhh it’s probably just in my head. lol

Nope I only use Renoise

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I’m having the same trouble as D.A.T. I’m using Cubase 10.5 Pro, and there are no side chain options for this VST 2.0 plugin. I think this is not a bug with Cubase. The issue is that Redux does not recognize any sends from the recording input in Cubase, as far as I can tell. I’m asking that the Redux team check on this, just because there are bound to be issues with other DAWs also, if this is truly an issue with Redux being a VST 2.0 plugin. So I’m eagerly anticipating either a response on how to fix this myself, or a new release of Redux. I’m sticking with Redux as my sampler of choice, and am sampling with Cubase audio track saves into specific files and then loading them into Redux as my temporary fix. Because besides recording, Redux does everything else very well.

+1 for this, it would be so useful to be able to record into Redux in Cubase. As others have said the sidechain inputs are not available as Redux is VST 2, thus there’s no way to get audio into Redux (that I have been able to find).