How to render one track to sample across patterns?

I have a vocal track with Waves Tune. I want to render parts of the track with the Tune output. On a single pattern, this is easy as making a selection and “Render to Sample”.

Across patterns though how do I do this? The best I can come up with is to join the patterns, but joining can’t be done temporarily (there’s no way to split them back up later).

If it’s full patterns I would make the selection in the Sequencer, Solo the track you want, and use Render Selection To Sample from within the Sequence, rather than from the Pattern Editor.

There’s always the Undo option… (although you may need to Save the sample first.) I also think there might be a Tool somewhere which improves the joining and splitting from what is standard.

A Split At Cursor/EditPos would be a good idea to add to the Pattern Editor Context Menu though!

OK this was the Tool but it never got updated. According to a thread elsewhere all that was needed to get it working is a change to the API number in the manifest.xml though…