How to replace a plugin but retain parameters?

Regarding VST / AU Efx plugins, how would I be able to “Replace current plugin with…” so that the parameters are retained?

i’m coming into these issues where for instance AU: TAL Dub III Plugin is not somehow magically available, even though “it is there”. How would I go about doing this so that the settings / parameters are retained, it’s the same plugin, just a different name (or so it seems)…?

alternatively, is there some way of fishing out the plugin ID (those 8 jumbled up characters) so that I could find out which plugin it is that has it (from previous installations)

also, can plugins be called whatever, as long as the ID is the same?

such as “AU: Tal DUB III REALLYOLDXX” or something?

an example would be: AU 32bit -> replace with VST 64bit.
How could this be done? Are they both going to have the same plugin parameter numbers?