How To Reset Lfos

Hi All!

I have very important question - I hope I`ll explain it with my bad english:

I set TrackDSP’s on MasterTrack: Filter2 [cuttoff and resonant parameters] and EQ5 and let them play after half of pattern [classic D.J.-ing song part].

Then on Master Track I can see small icon on top showing there are some effects on this pattern playing on whole song [something like this: ///].

But on next pattern Filter2 and EQ5 remains with parameters zero, and there is no sound because of these two TrackDSP’s.

My question would be - is there a RESET command for DISABLING any TrackDSP’s that are set to MASTER TRACK so next pattern will continue playing without any effects switched on?

All best!

you can switch off individual effects with nF00, which switches the nth effect off. nF01 switches it on

Ahh, found it :)

1F01 to turn sfx on and 1F00 to turn it off on master page! Fantastic!!! :)

Exactly :) You were fast :))

Wouldn’t it be something if we could travel as fast as our internet data?