How to reverse in time?


In a ‘normal’ daw, if you want to reverse a sound/beat/cymbal and put it so that comes in, in time with the end of bar, etc, then, you just reverse it and drag it into place.

I’m just wondering how you can do the equivalent in renoise, and if there’s an easy, quick way to do it, in a similar amount of time/effort as in a ‘normal’ DAW.

I use renoise (primarily) as a rewired mega sampler/drum machine, so, this would just mean that I could really do all of my drum stuff in renoise.

Edit: I know that you can do the ‘reverse sample’ command, but, that doesn’t allow you to line up the reverse in time as you would in a ‘normal’ DAW.

Cheers :)/>

As far as my knowledge goes: this is not possible at the moment.
This is one of those things that could benefit from ‘audio tracks’.

Mostly when I reverse samples I drag them through the track till the end of the sample is where it needs to be.
Not very convenient indeed.

look at the sample editor, have one of the rulers set to beats, look at the amount of beats of the sample and figure out how it relates with the amount of lines in the pattern editor / lpb setting? Personally in the rare occasion I want to use the reversed cymbal cliche, I do a minute of trial and error note shifting until it lines up to my taste.

Yeah. This is what I’ve been doing. Also, I don’t know if it’s obvious or not, but one thing that sort of works for reversed hits, etc, is, if you put the note (providing the corresponding sample doesn’t have loads of silence at the end/it’s tightly cut) before the hit you want it to lead up to (in a separate column) with the reverse sample command, and then have put ‘note off’ in-line with the hit that you want the reverse hit to lead up to, it does that attack/suction type effect (does that make sense?).

But, this only works if your sample is cut properly, and, again, isn’t as precise as in a DAW with positioning your reverse hits.

Ok, that’s a potential workaround. Not ideal, requires some working out, but, something to bare in mind, thanks :) .

I rarely ever use it for the ‘reversed cymbal cliche’ ;) , but, mainly for reversed hits, snares, kicks, etc, for that nice trip hoppy, glitch hoppy sound.

Maybe someone could write a tool that lets you use some command that makes renoise think/work backwards from a line, where you put the command, and renoise works-out/plays the reverse sample so the beginning (but in this case the ending) lines up with the line/command. That way you just put the tools reverse command before and/or on the line of the drum hit that you want it to lead up to. ?

The simplest thing is to place the sample at the start of a bar line, and render out a bar. Then reverse it, and play it from the start of the bar.

Or shorter if you want. Point is to render the length you want, which will add silence to the end which will become the padding at the beginning when reversed.

this is why Note Align/Sample Hit Points would be so nice to have Note Align (Sample Hit Point)