Note Align (Sample Hit Point)

Like this:

For those who don’t understand, think of this as a per-sample +/- delay offset.

I still don’t understand, why wouldn’t I just trim the sample?

That will remove what’s before the hit point. You want that to play before the “hit”. How do you sync a sweep sample to the rest of the pattern at the moment? It is very difficult and can’t be done with any accuracy.

I don’t understand. From your screenshot.

“When sample is played, it automatically starts at hitpoint”

To me, this means defining a start position to a sample. Now you are saying you can play before the hit? And you would do this by programatically entering the 09xx command?

Or, are you saying you would put a note in the first line of a pattern, but you want renoise to calculate backwards in time? Like a reverse autoseek?

You probably got it in your last question, if i understand you.

I wrote “When the sample is played in pattern, it automatically starts so the hit point matches where the note is entered”

ok yeah i get the idea. ‘reverse autoseek’ is a nice way to put it. but, however nice, i can’t help but feel its a bit of a luxury feature… i mean, you can indeed play it some lines before and ‘hope’ (that is, ‘experiment’) for it to match.

Ok. For me, things like snares with attack I even want control on a sample level when it comes to matching the hit to the pattern. Trial&error and settling isn’t good enough. It’s even more tedious with longer sweeps that ends with some sort of hit.

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Really like the idea :yeah:

I like luxuries. +1

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would be nice to have indeed for samples with long fade in times to line up the loudest amplitude of the attack to a certain position in the pattern editor.

+1 definitely.

Been suggested so many time and something I really, really do want to see introduced.

+1337 from me!

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Maybe this is scriptable? Through using a slice marker as indicator and by having the script calculate where the sample should be placed to line up the slice at cursor position.

Great idea!

I didn’t get this either, until I read this.

+1, seems like a good solution for this problem we have.

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It is theoretically possible, but very limited I think. First of all it would be one pitch only and triggered by a hot key, right?

+1 want

Nice idea!

Currently you can use the track delay option for something like this. Just nudge it to some negative value. It works only for things that have attack that spans a few milliseconds, and there’s still a bit of hunting about for the hit point by ear, but at least you can put the note on the line where the hit point should be and not fiddle with earlier lines and delay commands.

+1 for the idea though. It will indeed be useful.