How to run the same codebase (same scripts, but version API5, API6) between renoise 3.264bit and renoise3.132bit?

I’m in the unenviable situation where I’d prefer to use my script on both Renoise3.1 (32bit) and Renoise3.2 (64bit) on macOS (while trying to figure out how to get a 32bit version of Renoise3.2)

There is no “actual” difference between the script, just APIv5 or APIv6.

I would prefer to continue editing the script on both versions. I’d prefer to just have the same script in the same folder for both of the apps. How would I accomplish this, please?

For a while I was using custom tools in both 2.8 and 3.x.

I wanted a single code base, so I used some Ruby scripts (and some Windows bat files) to assemble tool packages and copy new code to their respective Renoise subfolders.

I would set the API version to whatever 2.8 was using; when 3.0 would load such a tool it would just tell me that the API has been auto-magically updated.

There were some cases where the API had changed, but I don’t recall major issues.