How to sample from mic on Renoise

I want to sample from mic, I’ve done some tries with no success.

select your input in the audio prefs, then hit record and follow the dialog


I know: sample pad, record, then I go to prefs to select in device, but if I choose mic it tells me “failed to initialize the audio device “primary sound device” [setted by defaul for out device]. Audio is disabled…”. I’m always blocked at this point. Is it a restriction for the Renoise demo version?

Might be? I dunno, maybe check the documentation for the demo for restrictions

I just checked and that doesn’t seem to be listed as one of the restrictions, but still it might be and would be consistent with the other ones

Or does that fall under no ASIO support?
Probably does…

Just get a license if you’ve got the money to spare. Renoise is a bargain!

Ok. I will check. And soon I will buy the full Renoise. But I have a question. If you have to sample from mic, when you go to prefs, “in device”, do you choose “mic group”? And is it ok or you have to do some other things? I my case, it says “audio is disabled”. Why? I have no problems with audio, on Renoise or outside.

Do you use Mac or Windows?

There’s no restriction, if you want to sample.

First: which OS are you on? Windows (choose ASIO, if you have ONE audiointerface where the mic is connected to). If your mic is USB, the best way to stick with ASIO is ASIO4ALL to get your soundcard + the MIC running.
In linux you have to use jack and connect the devices in the jack-application
In mac I’m out, sorry.

I’m on Windows. If I choose Asio, it shows “disabled for the demo version”.

as far as I remember, I couldn’t use ASIO before purchasing the full version of renoise too. I think that’s a limitation of the demo. and without ASIO I don’t know if you can use a mic, so…

Thank you!

Restrictions are on the website:

Renoise Demo Restrictions

  • No ASIO support on Windows
  • Rendering to .wav is disabled
  • Rendering/resampling selections is disabled
  • Rendering/freezing plugin instruments to samples is disabled
  • Nag screens
  • As ReWire Master, only the first stereo input bus will be available
  • As ReWire Slave, Renoise will occasionally generate a small subtle hiss