How to save Midi Mappings globally?

Hi, I am setting up midimappings in a song i’m working on. i save the song, i load the template, they’re gone. how do I make sure the Midi Mappings are globally saved, just like the keybindings?

A template song is “just” a song, so your MIDI mappings will not magically appear in the template - they are associated with the song where you added them. In other words, MIDI mappings are not global.

Luckily, you can export and import MIDI mappings from the MIDI mapping dialog. So, just save the mappings you created, import them into the template and voila!

Also, perhaps a lesser known trick, mappings can be stored in individual effect/chain presets. So you can prepare a nice preset with ready-to-use mappings and import that into any song you have. I’m actually not sure what happens when you are replacing/overriding existing mappings, perhaps the “allow mapping more than once” option applies here (I guess it should).

I guess the solution is to create a song template and share it to the Paketti repository, much like I already do with the KeyBindings.xml to get most of the shortcuts running.

Will do that! Thanks :slight_smile: