How To Save .Wav With Loop-Data Created With Renoise?

hello. i love looping samples in renoise, but would like to know:

does renoise save loop-start/stop/type-of-loop information within a .wav (can a .wav contain loop start + end data?),
what about the same questions for .flac, and,

if renoise saves loop-data within a .wav or .flac header, is it in a universal format which other tools can access?

i am basically trying to, apart from having wave loops accessible for other hosts, figure out if there is some way of extracting the length-in-samples points of startloop and loop-end out of a renoise-saved wavefile?

even saving a looped wav then reloading it within renoise should reload the loop.

i guess what im asking is: if standard .wav file format can contain “sample-loop-start” in the header of the file, does renoise save the sample-loop-start information in a standard fashion, so that someone could, f.ex., code a script which extracts sample-loop-start (in the format of “Samples”) from a renoise saved .wav?

Renoise saves it in the same way as any standard sample editor such as Sound Forge or Audacity. So, yes. :)
(At least when dealing with .wav files. I’m honestly not sure about .flac as I have not done much testing with that format myself)

We are saving WAV meta data blocks into FLACs to im/export loops, so we do use the same way of saving loops for FLAC and WAV.
With a bit of luck other sample editors will import this info from the flacs.

Loops in WAV files should be no problem, should be recognized by most sample editors. Just try it out…

hmm, i tried saving a wavefile with a loop in renoise, and loaded it into audacity and the loop points didn’t show…

i will try again on osx now (tried with pc renoise 2.5b8 + audacity). no, audacity still doesnt show the loop (in fact, im not sure if maybe audacity has some “show wave-header-loop in sample-display” on/off switch or something, so, how do i show the loop)?

i also loaded the same sample to Audiofile Engineering SampleManager, and that showed “Loop = 1”, which is good (makes me hope i can use renoise for marking down loop startpoints, for increasing my workflow, and read them as “Samples”, eventually, from the wavefile header.

how do i go about showing the loop in audacity, and can someone who saves loops in renoise and loads them into audacity maybe show me a screenshot, or any help would be appreciated.

i will now try with another machine and soundforge. ok, works like a total charm in soundforge. what am i doing wrong in audacity 1.3.10? :)

also, is there a tool that allows me to output the start-loop-point as Samples in a readable format?

You are not doing anything wrong, Audacity is just very feature poor. You can’t import the sample clipboard from any other sampler software either (which includes Renoise).

One free sampler that does support all of this (loop-import and sample clipboard import) is Wave’o’Saur

unfortunately waveosaur is winodws only :) thanks for the heads up on audacity (maybe it used to show loop and doesn’t show anymore). either way, do you think there is a tool that allows for outputting onto the screen (or textfile) the header of the wavefile, this would be absolutely wonderful and assist me in great many things.