How To Select Multiple Notes?

I’m a noob concerning renoise, just bought it a couple of weeks ago, but it brings back old memories about soundtracker and octamed on the Amiga.

Is there a way to select multiple notes in a track? I have 15 notes in a track and I want to select only the 2nd, the 7th and the 13th and 14th to transpose them up for one octave. Is this possible and how to do that, or do I have to select one note and transpose it, select another note and transpose it again and so on.


No, unfortunately, you can’t do selective blocks in Renoise as in that you can skip notes in between.
You can do transpose on complete selection-blocks or if you use the Advanced edit, you can also tell Renoise to which instrument it has to apply the transpose if this is about transposing a specific instrument.

aha! I think I’ve now caught the man like VV :) anychance of another youtube video, but this time with voice? I loved all your tutorials so far vv :) you are vvois right? I might be getting the wrong person and you’ll be like what the heck!

Thank you vV. Its unfortunate indeed, but the Renoise pattern edit possibilities are nevertheless more than impressive, so I’m not complaining.