How to send MIDI notes in a 'legato' fashion?

(fredeke) #1

Hello everyone.

Here’s my issue: I’m controlling an external synth with Renoise via MIDI (a Moog Sub37, if you need to know). The preset on the synth uses glide in a legato fashion, which means that it glides only when MIDI notes overlap each other. That is how I want it, and it sounds great when I directly play the synth’s keyboard.

But when sending MIDI notes from a Renoise sequence, there is no glide. That is because Renoise always sends a Note Off message just before the next Note On. So there’s no overlap.

The obvious solution would be to create two columns in my track, and alternate notes between them. I don’t like it because it’s ugly and confusing to look at, and twice more keyboard gymnastics to compose and edit.

Is there a way to delay the Note Off messages ? Or some other way that would result in short overlaps (even a 1ms overlap would do) ?

Note that I also use manual Note Offs in the composition from time to time, so that a last note of a phrase doesn’t go on indefinitely. This I obviously would like to keep.

Thanks for reading so far

(ffx) #2

I think the only way to make a VSTi or midi instrument play legato in Renoise is to overlap notes, yes. It is the same in any other DAW, too.

(fredeke) #3

So the question is, is there a trick to overlap notes without creating more column ? (Ok, when put it like that, it seems obvious that the answer will be no :-/ )