How to send MIDI notes in a 'legato' fashion?

Hello everyone.

Here’s my issue: I’m controlling an external synth with Renoise via MIDI (a Moog Sub37, if you need to know). The preset on the synth uses glide in a legato fashion, which means that it glides only when MIDI notes overlap each other. That is how I want it, and it sounds great when I directly play the synth’s keyboard.

But when sending MIDI notes from a Renoise sequence, there is no glide. That is because Renoise always sends a Note Off message just before the next Note On. So there’s no overlap.

The obvious solution would be to create two columns in my track, and alternate notes between them. I don’t like it because it’s ugly and confusing to look at, and twice more keyboard gymnastics to compose and edit.

Is there a way to delay the Note Off messages ? Or some other way that would result in short overlaps (even a 1ms overlap would do) ?

Note that I also use manual Note Offs in the composition from time to time, so that a last note of a phrase doesn’t go on indefinitely. This I obviously would like to keep.

Thanks for reading so far

I think the only way to make a VSTi or midi instrument play legato in Renoise is to overlap notes, yes. It is the same in any other DAW, too.

So the question is, is there a trick to overlap notes without creating more column ? (Ok, when put it like that, it seems obvious that the answer will be no :-/ )

I’d like to resurrect this thread… has there been any development on this in the last couple of years? It would be lovely to be able to get overlapping midi notes with a command, instead of fiddling around with multiple columns, which I think is really awkward.

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I haven’t checked things out recently. But I second the resurrection.

I third it!

Not the ideal solution but you could put this on an instrument track, send the notes there and route the MIDI output to your desired legato track.

Native note off delay would be better, as would pre-instrument fx chains that allow MIDI plugins so you don’t end up with massively over cluttered instrument lists like mine currently are!