How To Send Renoise Projects.

Hey, I’m wanting to collaborate on some songs using renoise with other producer friends. Is there a way to send the project with all the samples embedded so it will open fine on his copy of renoise on his computer?

I use OS X while he uses XP / Vista if this makes a difference.

Thanks for the help,
Jim :)

I don’t know about OS X and Vista…
but a renoise song is in principle completly self contained.
Of course only if you use esclusivly samples ! Vsti’s are not included in the project


Ahh really? So the renoise project file contains all the samples already?

That’s great. I thought the file seemed too small is all.

Jim :)

if you are using VST plugins, then the other user has to have those VST plugins installed on his machine

yeah + the file probably is so small because the samples are compressed to flac.

Ahh I see. Any downside to this?

Nope, FLAC is lossless :)

also i think using all vsti samplers may cause issues with those samples being located outside the xrns.