How to send velocity to an external midi synth


I’v searched the forum and the manuals, but I still can’t figure this out.

How can I send velocity data with my midi notes to an external midi synth? (In my case a Roland MKS50). If I add values in the volume column, nothing happens.

Thanks for your time!

I just tested with an midi out instrument (nothing attached to it though), and in the midi monitor each note’s velocity seems to be sent (in the “value” field to the very right, with each note).

I am not 100% sure right now, but I believe midi velocities only get sent in conjunction with a note on/off (off often being velocity zero), and that is core definition of the specs? Maybe you were trying to send the vel’s without notes to accompany them? That’s what cc’s, bend, aftertouch etc. are thought for?

No, I send them with the notes. I can’t think of a use for velocity without notes. :slight_smile:

Connecting renoise into an externam midi monitor program shows velocities are sent. Maybe you should look into the synth’s docs regarding velocity action?

You’re right, I was already searching for the midi implementation chart of my synth.

I thought I maybe needed a metadevice, that’s why I started this topic, but it works like I suspected, thanks.

yes renoise just uses the volume column for velocities when sending midi.

Just for the record as it hasn’t been directly said here yet I think