How To Set A Default Bpm Number?

How to set the “Beats / Min” and the “Lines / Beats” to a “default” value? :huh:

I want it to be set to 140 bpm, and 8 lines / beat but every time i open up Renoise it “randomize” a bpm and lpb? :unsure:

Please help me :D

The BPM is randomized to encourage experimentation.

For your purposes, you need to set up a template song.



Thank you! But i dont understand, how to create a new Template song and save it? :o

First create a new song in Renoise. Set the desired BPM and LPB settings you want to use. Set the desired pattern length. Go into the Song Settings tab and also set the default pattern length there. While still in the Song Settings tab you can save your template song there. This template song will now be used each time you create a new song in Renoise (unless you choose to override it).

You can optionally add some default Track DSPs, VST plugins, or samples to your template song before saving it, and then these will also be used each time you create a new song. This is very handy for when you just want to quickly load Renoise and start recording a new idea.

Thank you very very much :) :lol: :lol: it worked :yeah: