How to set and cancel the cursor cycle

How to set it

When the cursor is at the bottom, use the mouse wheel or the keyboard.

Let’s go to the next style instead of looping to the top of the current pattern.

On the contrary,

Each time the cursor is at the top, press the scroll wheel again, and the cursor will jump to the bottom of this pattern instead of returning to the previous pattern.

How to set and cancel the cursor cycle

Pattern Editor Control Panel

At the bottom of the Pattern Editor is the control panel:

3.2 patterneditor-controlpanel.png

2nd button with the curly arrow, pattern wrap mode

  • Single Track Edit Mode: When enabled, all tracks will be collapsed except for the currently selected track.
  • Pattern Wrap Mode: Toggle what will happen upon reaching the end of a pattern when entering notes step-by-step in Edit Mode. When enabled, the cursor will move to the top of the next pattern in the sequence. When disabled, the cursor will move back to the top of the current pattern.

thank you!

This problem has finally been solved.

I also want to ask you,

How to change the default 64 of the tracker interface window to 128

In 4 / 4 mode

This Google translation, I can’t speak English

Change the number at the top left of your pattern editor from 64 to 128 and save it as a template song.
If you don’t know where to find it here’s a picture.

In my case the standard pattern length is 256, but that doen’t matter.
This is the number you need to change to 128.

Choose “Song → Song Options” from the main menu to open the Song Options panel. In there, the “Default pattern length” option allows you to set the default pattern length for newly created patterns.

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