How To Set Up Asio4All Drivers?

after I formatted my laptop and installed windows xp, I’m trying to use the asio4all driver with Renoise. I installed it and in the Renoise preferences I can select the driver ASIO, but when I do this in the device list appears just “none”.

Maybe I missed some steps, but I don’t understand what.

Can you help me?

Did you reboot your laptop after the ASIO4ALL install? Worth a shot

Yes, of course :D

Ok, just encountered a similar problem and I fixed it by going into Preferences->Audio and hit the ‘Reinitialize’ button

Mh, no, it didn’t work :\

What kind of device are you using, onboard audio or a more expensive audio device?
ASIO4ALL is not guaranteed to work with all devices. (e.g. i can’t use it with my ESP1010 either)

Try installing the previous version (or version before that etc)

That has worked sometimes but in my experience ASIO4ALL has worked with every device I have tried

Good luck!

I solved the issue. I’ve just reinstalled the driver but this time I didn’t checked the option for offline setting, during the installation wizard. Not sure if this was the problem.

Thanks everybody.