How to setup midi to trigger a ducking curve in gatekeeper VST?

he guys since i bought gatekeeper i’ve used it as my main method for sidechain/ducking since its trigger via midi and it doesnt have to deal with the timing issues that compressors and envelope followers have

so how can i set it up ??

using a signal follower with a short click i can trigger the “Go parameter” which is the one that sets the curve-shape in motion but then im relying on the signal follower and the timing issues and all that
automating the value like the picture also doenst fix the issue ??? :frowning:



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thanks man lets see what i can do

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Le me kjnow if it workzz.:wink:

An easier method would be to use a “*Key Tracker” device on the Kick channel and link that one to your GO parameter from the plugin. It fires then on any note played automatically.

it triggers it but then it doesn’t know when to stop :frowning:
at least here on my system don’t think its a bug but its not working the way its supposed to

I use Cableguys Volume Shaper for similar tasks and it has a midi one shot mode one can set, so the envelope triggers not continuously. Don’t have Gatekeeper, so i can’t test it fully or know it well enough. With Volume Shaper it’s also possible to send MIDI to it. Add the VST to a track, then in the instrument selection open VST FX Alias and add the VST FX to the instrument list, then you can send notes to it controlling certain things. Not sure if the Polyverse one offers this too? Maybe worth a look.


Thought i’ll add a little Renoise native example. Volume Shaper or Gatekeeper aren’t really needed for what you want to achieve, especially with the new slope function on curves in Renoise 3.2. IMO this works much better than the Signal Follower used in the past. It’s a Key Tracker linked to an LFO Reset, which triggers in one shot mode a Gainer. You can adjust the number of points on the LFO if you need a higher resolution on the curve and compensate with the LFO frequency. Unless you really need Gatekeeper for whatever reason this would be a better choice?