How To Setup Virus Ti Viruscontrol

Hello there,

I would like to open a VSTi with a multi with patches on different midichannels. How can I setup Viruscontrol to recieve mididata on different midichannels?

I hope you understand my problem. In Cubase or Reaper I would make a foldertrack with the VirusControl VSIi as parent, and add miditracks als childtracks under it. Then I can send mididata from the childtracks tracks, to multiple midichannels of one VSTi.

Thanks in advance!

add new instruments with vst alias: virus control> set each of theses alias instruments with a different midi channel and patch, same as virsynn tera or edirol orchestral

Since the Virus Ti Snow works fine until you render it, do you think itd be possible to just audio hijack renoise and save the track that way?

Thanks Aphid, I never heard of vst aliasses.