how to sine without ...

for mathematical interrested people an interresting question:

how to calculate a sine function without the sine function
[i mean without a calculator or the function sin()] ?

huh, depends …

if you need the sin() function for a program, you can use a pre-calculated table. if you need to calc it all on your own … damnit, I knew this in my c64 days :D

hey, this is not that impossible:

some very well known triangle theorems could really help you… :rolleyes:

Go to
Go to Archive & search for ‘sine’. You’ll find everything you need.

hey !

thats not that easy
yes you can do it graphically, but then CALCULATING it without sin(x)

is really hard !!!

i had a nice bookmark explaining how to calculate sinus using taylor series, but the page went offline. here, a huge thank to google for its caching abilities ;)

original source :

and here is some more info, what you can achieve using taylor series:…ylor_series.cfm

The Internet Archive

This is a link that should help if you need to go further to the past. I’ve found lots of pages that I thought were gone forever.

What these guys are trying to do is basically save snapshots of websites at certain points of time. Grrreat.

yeah… is pretty cool. actually i know this page for a long time, but when it comes to availability google is way better.

we were learning this in school last week!
sine and the unit cirlce!
im in year 11 (im 16)