How To Start Renoise In Rewire-Mode?

Hi, I’d really like to tell Renoise when it’s being started in ReWire mode, instead of having to click “yes” in the ReWire dialog.
Is it possible?

Yes, by opening Renoise from within the master host.
E.g. in Reaper, you add a track, then click the “Fx” button in that track, go to the Rewire option in the left list and select Renoise from the right list.
Renoise then automaticly starts and load without asking you the question.

Ok, I’m not exactly sure of this but it seems that these functionalities are in Reaper, but not in Ableton Live 8.2.2 or Logic Pro 9.1.4

If i look how Live should be rewired to Logic, it seems that both programs don’t assume anything here and require options to be set prior to starting the program.

I guess Renoise only does the automatic slave mode when it is called from the ReWire.dll library (that is in its turn connected to the ReWire engine) because in that case there is always a ReWire master active and when it is called from within the engine library, it know for sure it was meant to start as a slave host.
The ReWire engine provides for an automatic slave host startup, if some masters don’t make use of these functionalities, there must be reasons for those.

You can not resolve this by allowing a startup switch as it would render Renoise useless in cases where there is no master active or where the master is started later.
The question to start as a slave is a an inconvenient but necessary thing, because Renoise can’t assume it should be started as a ReWire slave, just because a ReWire master happens to be active.

So there’s no -rewireslave commandline thing?

Nope, there must be a master active to start any host in slave mode.
The master also should make himself known to other hosts and setting up a host as ReWire master isn’t very intuitive in a lot of hosts as you prove once more.
I think it is up to the developers of Logic and Live to change the policy how ReWire should be handled (or make their documentation better if these hosts suppose to do what i described)

There is. It’s “-ForceRunningAsSlave”. This will only enable rewire slave mode when there is a master running though.

Thank you, Taktik! Works from commandline.

alias rew="/Applications/ -ForceRunningAsSlave logicbus_renoisetemplate.xrns"  

Now I know how to start Renoise in the correct mode for AblLive usage (renoisetemplate has tracks 1-8 mapped to bus1-bus8). Next step is to change -12dB headroom to 0dB headroom and disable the autobpm-writer which interferes :)

Hmm, this is very very strange. If I load the template (with -2dB headroom, disabled autobpm script and bus1-bus8 defined as outputs) from commandline, the headroom is loaded okay but all the tracks default to master out. If I then immediately reload the xrns, all tracks are named as they should be and have the correct outs. how odd)

Well, you know, the reason is that you’re trying to load logicbus_renoisetemplate.xrns from the path you’re actually at, not from /Users/xxx/Music/trackers/logicbus_renoisetemplate.xrns - which is where it actually is.

Fix that, and you have a functional script that loads a template ReWire XRNS and forces Renoise into Running as a slave.
This can also be used in AppleScript, as it is a regular bash script.

This commandline option is great. Thanks.
Is there any way we can put this into the config.xml as well?
This would be handy, since I might start Renoise from several different shortcuts/quick keys etc.
It’s a hassle to have to update all of those with any new options… (I’m on Windows 7 64bit)

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