How to Stop at End of Song?

Is there a setting or something to make it so that Renoise stops after playing the last pattern instead of continuing back to the beginning of the song?

Add a ZT00 on the last line in any effect column. (advised is to use the master track for such commands)

I cannot get rendering to not stop at the ZT00 Marker.

Is there a way to stop rendering with a marker?

Resize the pattern to the line where you want it to stop.
Leave the ZT00 marker for your personal play experience (where the song restarts in ordinary play mode)

So I don’t have to put ZT00 after the reverb and delay tails finish?

@Vv I have some tunes that contain render sections as the last patterns,
but I guess I can move, them, thanks!

The question was as simply answered as Ardoog asked it
Work patterns is something that would really require some kind of sandbox sequencer, that could perhaps be a good suggestion.

That sounds like a nice idea! Maybe this could somehow be connected
with a tabbed interface which I saw someone mentioning. Hmm, not really sure,
but I like the idea of being able to sequence some patterns in a sandbox.